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  • Dec
    Canada will offer incentives for greenhouses that switch to LED technology

    According to media reports, the Canadian independent power system operating company is providing incentives for greenhouse owners in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent to switch to LED technology.The incentive will cover about 30% of the total cost for refurbishing lighting equipment or using LED techno

  • Dec
    lessey develops world's first silicon-based InGaN red LED

    A few days ago, the British Micro LED company Plessey issued a press release saying that it had announced the development of the world's first silicon-based InGaN red LED.Although both InGaN-based blue and green LEDs have been commercially produced, red LEDs are typically based on AlInGaP materials

  • Dec
    Using a wireless control network of lamps, London will become a "smart city"

    According to media reports, a wireless control network consisting of 15,000 lamps will turn the City of London into a "smart city."In addition to lighting control (including dimming), the system also supports applications such as traffic and parking monitoring, occupancy sensing, environmental monit

  • Nov
    Plant growth lamp market growth trend

    The market for plant growth lamps has reached $3.23 billion in 2018 and is expected to exceed $7.66 billion by 2024. It is predicted that the compound annual growth rate will be 13.14% between 2019 and 2024. Growth lamps are an important part of urban farming practices and are often used to provide

  • Nov
    Cree completes the first batch of silicon carbide test wafers in Albany

    Cree stated that Cree is making progress towards the goal of producing silicon carbide wafers in 2022 at its manufacturing facility, which is planned to be built at Marcy Nanocenter.Cree and the Center for Research, Economic Progress, Technology, Engineering and Science in New York (also known as CR

  • Oct
    Australian capital replaces old-fashioned street lights with LED lights

    According to the Australian News Network, about 30% of the street lights in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have been replaced with energy-saving LED lights as part of improving urban infrastructure. In addition, about 1 million square meters of pavement in 21 districts will be renovated or r

  • Oct
    Batavia, USA chooses LED street lights and rejects high-pressure sodium lamps

    According to media reports, the Batavia police station in the United States hopes to strengthen the street lighting of three streets (Central Avenue, Watson Street and State Street) and hopes to use it permanently to curb criminal activities.Police Commissioner Shawn Heubusch said: "It has been prov

  • Sep
    Cree will build the world's largest SiC manufacturing plant in the US

    Yesterday (23), Cree announced plans to build a silicon carbide (SiC) corridor on the east coast of the United States to build the world's largest silicon carbide (SiC) manufacturing facility.According to the news, Cree will build a new 200mm power and radio frequency (RF) wafer fabrication facility

  • Sep
    LED lighting market growth tends to be stable

    LED lighting has developed into a mainstream lighting product in the market, and its technology and market are quite mature. From the perspective of the overall market size, the growth rate tends to be stable; from the perspective of penetration rate, the penetration rate of LED lighting market has

  • Sep
    Lighting at 126 subway stations in Delhi, India will be upgraded

    According to foreign media, Delhi Metro Corporation (DMRC) is actively upgrading the lighting systems of the 126 subway stations in Phase I and Phase II from traditional lighting to modern LED lighting.It is worth noting that the subway station has received several complaints about robberies, sexual

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