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Reita Now Offer to MyLEDLightingGuide High Temperature LED High Bay Flood Lights


We now offer a new family of 8 LED High Bay Flood Light Fixtures that are able to work in extreme temperature conditions, up to 190F-212F or 88C-100C.

This has been an issue in the LED space - finding a product that is rated and designed to work in extreme heat conditions. 

Most LED products are rated to work up to 50C or 122F. 

We now have an Industrial LED Fixture that can work in these extreme heat environments and can replaced a typical 400W or 1000W Metal Halide High Bay or Flood Light. We have several mounting options available that allows for ceiling, wall or pole mounting requirements.

This is another example how Reita provides real solutions for real world problems.

 lf you are a factory or facility that wanted to convert over to LED but had heat issues, you now have a real solution to this problem.

Guiding consumers towards more energy efficient high quality products is the main goal at Reita, along with pre and post sales support. It is achieved by providing the consumer a superior product when it comes to LED lighting solutions. With the new High Temperature rated LED High Bay, we are able to bring to market a product that solves a heat problem in some facilities.

About Us

It is the primary goal at Reita to help the commercial customers save energy and money by using safe, efficient LED lighting for their facilities. Our goals is to educate the customer with real information about LED Lighting and show them how to convert from their older style lights over to LED. 

Contact To us for more information on our LED High Temperature LED High Bay Flood Light.

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