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LED Stadium Lighting – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


Best LED Stadium Lights in 2021

We supplied the Stadium Lights for Hyperikon from 2017 To 2021

1. Hyperikon 200W LED Stadium Light – Best IP67 Outdoor Sports Floodlights

  This is the LED flood lights designed for outdoor sports field such as football field, basketball court, tennis court, rugby field and etc. With its 160 lm/W LED chips, it saves 80% energy after the HID replacement such as 400W metal halide or 2000W halogen lamps.
  The durability is greatly enhanced by IP67 waterproof design, which is essential to resist the bad weathers such as heavy rain. In addition, to reduce the heat inside the lamp, this 200W LED lights adopts aluminum material having high conductivity. This patented design allows this light to operate more than 45000 hours for stadium.
 Its input voltage is 90 to 305V, and hence it is suitable for almost every country. It has 5000K cool white color temperature, which is fits for professional sports tournaments.
If you require brighter lights, Hyperikon has 500W & 1000W &5000W LED lights as well.
Pros & Cons
High brightness while maintaining low energy consumption.
We can use 200W LED to replace 400W sodium, and thus the power needed is reduced to half.

However, this LED sport light is a little pricey.

2. Hyperikon LED Stadium Light 500W – Best Cheap LED Lighting for Cricket Stadium

The Hyperikon LED light is one of the best deals in the market suitable for lighting up wide sport arenas. Equipped with a 500W LED and 60 degrees color beam; it provides great light for the darkest places whether a sport court, stadium, barn or rural area.
Irrespective of the weather, it is effective and efficient in lightning up these areas since it is an IP66 waterproof light. The times of paying so much for low lights are absolutely over as it cuts down energy by 84 percent. Above all, it features a whopping 5-year unlimited warranty.
Hyperikon LED 150W Wall Pack Fixture features a 150W LED and is also suitable for outdoor lighting. However, it is not waterproof therefore it is not suitable for all weathers. Also, it lacks the 60 degrees beam present in this product.
Energy saving.
The LED lights are extraordinarily bright. This product is worth every penny spent in purchasing it.
Its wire leads are short therefore connectivity to its box is difficult when tilted.

3. Reita 300W LED Flood Lights – Best Community Sports Field Lighting

Searching for high quality LED lights for your indoor or outdoor sports field? This light features a 300W LED that will radiate all around your environment. If you are looking for a light that is durable and properly made; the Reita 300W LED flood light is immune to rust because it is made of high temperature cast aluminum. Having this LED light is killing many birds with a stone due to its numerous mouthwatering features. It features 30000 Lumens and still saves up to 70 percent energy. Its IP65 waterproof feature makes it suitable for all forms of sports court ranging from the football court to the tennis court.

If your budget is tight, the Stasun 90W Motion Sensor Security Light is a good fit. It features a 90W LED and 6000 Kelvin color temperature. It is waterproof but rid of the lumens present in Reita 300W LED floodlight. While this is obviously cheaper, Reita  300W is more effective and efficient in perfectly lighting up your desired area.

The light is accompanied with a mounting bracket that makes fixing easy and convenient.
It is easy to mount. The lighting is easily changed to your choice with a remote. He attested to the Reita 300W being a great saver of electricity.
The customer support is not satisfactory.

4. Brightest 300W LED Sports Lights – Best High Power Lighting for Stadium

  This is a 320W LED coming with 41600 lumen output. This exceptional high brightness is necessary if the flood lights are intended to be placed on the stadium roof having the height of 40 to 70 meters. This high power LED adopts flip-chip technology, and thus the size of the whole lamp is very compact. It is also equipped with Meanwell driver for stable power output.
  To deal with the heat dissipation problems that affect the life span and brightness of the lights, they apply the special spray coating onto the LED chips. The heat can be reduced effectively without using external device such as cooling fan or water.
  By having the above features, this lamp works for at least 80000 hours, which is the best among these 6 stadium lights.
Pros & Cons
A good thing is that the LED chips are flicker-free, so that the brightness is consistent under the high-speed camera. Its light-weight and compact size also allows the workers to install them with ease.
However, one of the limitations is that this product comes with one power selection only. If you need other power and brightness, you will need to contact this LED manufacturer directly.

5. LED Stadium Light Brand 1000W LED Flood Light

If you are looking for an affordable LED light that will stand the test of time in a wet area;  LED Stadium Light Brand1000W LED flood light is the best choice. With a color temperature of 5000K daylight white, it is extremely bright and a great fit for the night. Its exquisite body is finished with rugged die-cast aluminum.

No matter for outdoor or indoor using condition, it is capable of lasting for quite a long period of time. It is shock and vibration resistant therefore, there is no need for the fear of getting shocked to death on a stormy day. It provides 110000 lumens and saves up to 70 percent electricity.

Similar to this LED Stadium Light Brand 1000W LED Flood Light is the Ustellar 2 Pack 600W LED Flood Light. While it is extremely cheap, it features 600W LED and 48000 Lumens. It is good for indoor and outdoor sports court lighting but if you want a light capable of illuminating a wide range area, the LED Stadium Light Brand 1000W LED Flood Light is the perfect pick for you.

It is very affordable and comes with a 5-year warranty.
Its adjustable yoke mount and super light-weight makes this light easy to install without hassles.
Impressive water sealing around its lens and cable keeping it protected in wet environments.
High durability and high quality design.
Provides excellent lighting for both indoor and outdoor environment.
Cable is slightly short and may make installation slightly difficult.
Lack of instructions on the package is one of the drawbacks.

To select the best lighting for different kinds of stadiums such as cricket, softball and football, we need to thoroughly understand the lighting (lux) requirement of the ground, uniformity, roof height. Moreover, we can also choose the LED lights that have anti-glare and flicker-free chips.

Since we are a team of lighting engineers specializing in sports lighting, we are pleased to provide free photometric design for your projects. Please feel free to approach us by using the form.

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