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  • Description The Gavita CT-2000e LED grow light replacement is the first LED designed as a like-for-like replacement for an HPS grow light. The LED’s compact design allows it to fit right into any standard HPS setup. The CT-2000e is a direct upgrade that makes converting your HPS grow light setup to LED technology simple. This LED grow light is up to 25% more efficient versus HPS lamps making it an attractive proposition for serious gardeners. And for anyone looking to cut the cost of electricity over time. If you want to upgrade your garden from HPS to the power of LED, the Gavita CT-2000e LED is for you. This awesome LED offers you 780W of power with an output of 2.6umol per W. It also allows you to use any of the Gavita Master Controllers. The Master Controllers provide you with an intelligent way to manage from 1 to 1000 lights. And allow you to set dimming parameters, light cycles, sunrise and sunset times.


  • Fish Attracting LED Lights can be used for fish growing lights in the aquaculture industry and to catch more fish using our wild catch commercial fishing lights. Ocean aquaculture fish farmers can benefit by attracting smaller bait fish into their sea pens providing a natural food source and reduce production costs.


  • We now offer a new family of 8 High Temperature LED High Bay Flood Light Fixtures that are able to work in extreme temperature conditions, up to 190F-212F or 88C-100C.


  • We are Hyperikon's led Flood Light Supplier with 8years.


  • Specification for 500W LED Marine Flood light Aluminum housing with anti corrosion proof for the harsh environment Modular design provides for easy maintenance and flexible installation Open structure for optimum air-flow and heat dissipation 3rd Generation Direct Heat Path Technology, 2-5 times better stability Anti glare system 380V/480V driver,dimmable,sensor options available with costup Precise Design Optics designed for the most even distribution of light no streaks or hotspots,4-10 times brighter than conventional light


  • The best marine and industrial grade Sea flood light available.Waterproof and salt spray resistant.


  • Superior Quality 1000W LED fixture is an ideal replacement for 4000W HMI light.


  • It’s time to give your grow an upgrade. RT-G800W CT 1930e LED lighting can give your plants the same light output as HPS lights with an improved broad white light spectrum, less radiant heat, and without the headache-inducing energy bills.


  • Superior Quality 300W LED Fixture is an ideal replacement for 1200W HMI light.


  • How to choose the right size MH/HPS grow light for your grow room?


  • A:5 TIPS for a seamless transition From LED To HPS LED lighting is the future of indoor growing. As pressure mounts for cultivators to embrace energy efficiency, more are making the switch from HPS to LED technology. If you’re one of them, you may be wondering, how do you take full advantage of LED and make sure your grow is set up for success? We’ve compiled the 5 most important things you can do when transitioning from HPS to LED.

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