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Hyperikon 200W Outdoor LED Stadium Arena Flood Light (800W-1000W Replacement) ETL DLC


Hyperikon Pro LED 200W Outdoor Stadium Arena Flood Light With ETL and DLC.

For Replace 800W-1000W Metal Halide Lamp.


- The Hyperikon LED Sport court light provides an incredible light output of 160Lm/W!
 This is ideal for lighting up big stadiums and sport facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields, or other large areas that requires a substantial amount of light.


- Constructed with 1070 cold forged aluminum and thermal conductivity of 236W/mK, enhances the 200W LED stadium arena Flood light in heat dissipation.


 - Hyperikon stadium lights are built with patented technology to last for 80,000+ hours, eliminating the need to frequently replace your fixture.
 The IP67 weatherproof rating ensures your fixture won’t give in to the elements.


- Reduce your electricity running cost with up to 80% by replacing HIP/HID bulbs with 200W LED Stadium Arena Light. 
The energy savings and the long-lasting lifespan of LED makes for a brighter, smarter and more sustainable lighting solution.

Experience what high-output light means with the Hyperikon Pro 100-5000W LED Stadium Arena Light

Forget about your old Metal Halide, High intensity Discharge and High pressure sodium fixtures. Everything about these old lights is a hassle: the warm up time, the bad light quality, the noise, the maintenance, etc. The time has come to make the switch! Simply change your old fixture and experience the impressive light quality from the Hyperikon 1000W LED Stadium Arena Flood Light for Sport courts and stadiums. Bing quality lighting to the field!

The Hyperikon LED Arena Light is truly a durable product that is built to last substantially longer than the rated 80,000+ hours. If this is not enough security for you, the lighting fixture is - similar to all other Hyperikon products. We truly stand behind the quality of our products.

Common Application:
Large fields Outdoor
Stadium Lighting
Sport Courts
IP67 - Sealed and protected from dust, oil and water.
Reduce your electricity consumption by up to 80% when replacing 5000W with 1000W
Provides a stunning 160,000 lumens. That is a staggering and industry high 160 lumens per watt!
Shatter-resistant design for both commercial and industrial grade applications.

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