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CE certification for LED Lighting Products


Reita has passed the CE certification for High Power Flood Lamps, Wall Washer, Street Lamps, Spotlights, Ceiling Lights since the end of 2012. CE certification stands for safety, which is regarded as the passport of entering into European market. Once you get CE, your products can be sold in each European allies without fully compliance with each standards of its allies, which ensures products with CE marks can go through European allies freely.
CE mark is a compulsory certification in European market, all goods should be entitled with this mark not only goods produced in European allies themselves or other countries whose goods would like to enter into European market, to ensure its quality is fully compliance with the basic requirements of European “Technical coordination and standardization of new methods”. This is also a compulsory requirements
.With lighting products’ CE certification passed, it also stands for our products from LED light source to power supply driver, even other lighting accessories are all fully compliance with international application standards, which also means that our LED lighting products has got the green card to enter into European market. Furthermore , it stands for the quality and safety acknowledgement of our products, which paves the way for our global marketing.
Focusing on high quality and good service, Integrity of business are always our sticking operation theory. Welcome all to our factory for Future businesses.

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