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Optimistic about the application of Micro LED super size, LG Display has begun research and development


Recently, LG Display said in an interview that the company has begun research and development of Micro LED, the technology will be more suitable for commercial scenarios.

Since the beginning of this year, Micro LED has become one of the key words for future display technologies. In this regard, the director of the LG Display Institute Yin Yirong told reporters that the company has begun research and development in this technology, but the cost of this technology research and development is huge, and the requirements for cutting technology are also high.

Yin Yirong analysis, research and development of Micro LED and OLED is not the opposite. The Micro LED has certain advantages in the large-size high-end market of 150 inches and more than 200 inches, such as in definition. However, in the market of about 80 inches and below, OLED is more advantageous in terms of price. Micro LED has absolute advantages in splicing screens, large-scale commercial screens, signage markets, and outdoors. This is because whether it is an LCD or an OLED, it is still possible to see the borders when splicing, and the largest overloaded edge is also visible in the frame. Micro LEDs can be completely seamlessly stitched.

"Micro LED is very demanding on the fineness of cutting, and can only be achieved through semiconductor engineering." Yin Yirong said

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