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Interior Lighting fixtures design trend


An important component of modern lamps from the lighting effects not only in the living room, but also to create a living room atmosphere. Tool room lighting without lamps, lamps lighting Crafts reaction, both stall bedroom erection efficacy, to set up the visual conditions, and is part of the interior decoration, lighting skills with the erection of concessions body art. Lamps modeling its light color coordination to make the bedroom environment Shiquan certain atmosphere and mood, reflecting the style and characteristics has been the increase in the erection of the art aesthetic indoor space more responsive to people’s psychological and physical in need and aesthetic fun.

      LED is green light. led lights dc drive, no stroboscopic; infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation thick cloud, high color rendering biased and Shiquan strong luminescence; dimming performance, color temperature change will not survive when the visual abuses; cold the light source heat is low, it does not matter to safely touch; these are the traditional incandescent and fluorescent tubes to reach. It can supply sedation lighting space, but also a good freehand the Acts rationale tough people need to protect eyesight tough light sources and environmental protection. led lighting is a new kind of lighting products, its application of the vision of world attention, high-brightness high-power white LED known as the 21st century the most valuable source will cause a new revolution within the lighting. Since the white LED emitting principle or efficacy in other areas are unmatched strengths of the other traditional sources, LED lighting has become a trend of the 21st century bedroom lighting, LED and traditional incandescent just the same, as room lighting, has opened a new heaven and earth.

      Lighting design inside the most important is light, LED new light source for lighting designed to open up a new road to reform, the transition from largely the lighting concept, so that we are freed from the traditional point, line source concept, lighting design concept cast and re-establish the lamps on visual perception and status of creative exhibit greater flexibility in space, bedroom lighting will pay more attention to energy conservation, tough.

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