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Cree completes the first batch of silicon carbide test wafers in Albany


Cree stated that Cree is making progress towards the goal of producing silicon carbide wafers in 2022 at its manufacturing facility, which is planned to be built at Marcy Nanocenter.

Cree and the Center for Research, Economic Progress, Technology, Engineering and Science in New York (also known as CREATES, NY) last week teamed up to complete the first batch of silicon carbide test wafers at the State University of New York at Albany. The new plant will be the first factory in the world to produce 200mm silicon carbide wafers.

“For the Mohawk Valley, this is a small step towards a very bright future, but it’s significant, not only marks the beginning of our formal partnership with the State of New York, but also heralds the upcoming launch in the region. Pioneering work.” Cree President and CEO Gregg Lowe is in a statement. “We are very excited about the development of the silicon carbide industry as we support the transition of the automotive industry from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, while also training future innovation leaders in this field in the Mohawk Valley.”

When Cree built the manufacturing facility, he was renting space at the SUNY Poly campus in Albany and using the equipment there to make the transition from 150mm to 200mm wafers. Devices whose status has not been used will be transferred to the new device later.

Cree has promised to create more than 600 jobs in Massey over the next eight years. If Cree achieves its work goals, the state has promised to provide up to $500 million in capital grant awards.

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