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U.S. LED filament lamp demand will soar in 2018


According to industry sources, as users begin to replace halogen lamps that will be phased out by 2020, the demand for LED filament lamps in the US market is expected to soar in 2018.

According to sources, as they look like traditional incandescent bulbs, the demand for LED filament lamps in the European and American markets is expanding, mainly for decorative lighting in churches, restaurants, retail stores and hotels; in addition, the EU plans to The total elimination of halogen lamps also boosted the demand for LED filament lamps in the region during 2016-2017.

In view of this background, Chinese LED packaging manufacturers including Mulinsen, Hongli Zhihui and Guoxing Optoelectronics began to actively expand the production capacity of LED filament lamps to meet the rapidly growing market demand.

Sources pointed out that the monthly production capacity of Mulinsen's LED filament lamps is about 12 million units, and in 2018 it will be expanded to 20-30 million units; among them, LED filament chips are mainly provided by Jingyuan Optoelectronics of Taiwan. The sales target of Mulinsen LED filament lamps mainly includes OEM customers and its own brand business department Forest Lighting and German subsidiary Ledvance.

In 2017, the number of LED filament lamps shipped by Chinese manufacturers was less than 500 million units, but shipments in 2018 are expected to increase to 780 million to 800 million units, of which Mulinsen will account for nearly 10% of shipments.

Sources said that the current global demand for light bulbs reached 8 billion units, and due to price declines and specification improvements, LED filament lamp demand will soon occupy 20-30% of the share.

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