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Exports to Australia and New Zealand LED Light Bulbs and Nightlights will be Compulsory Certification


Recently, the Australian/New Zealand Bureau of Standards issued AS/NZS4417.2:2012 revised standard for the fourth edition of the Electronic and Electrical Products Compliance Marking Standard A4:2017. This revision expands the list of products under control, reclassifies the security level of some products, and also updates the definition of some products. It is worth noting that this revision will add 6 types of products, including LED bulbs and nightlights, to the scope of compulsory certification products. The standard stipulates that starting from June 1, 2018, products such as LED bulbs and night lights entering the Australian market must first apply for a mandatory safety certificate (SAA certification).

It is reported that SAA Australia International Standards Corporation is Australia's only standard certification body. Whether imported or assembled in Australia, electrical products must first be certified by Australian International Standards before entering the Australian market. Thanks to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products certified by Australia can be successfully sold into the New Zealand market. There are two main types of SAA signs, one is formal recognition and the other is standard sign. Formal approval is only responsible for the samples, while the standard signs need to be reviewed one by one. The expansion of the scope of Australia's compulsory safety certification products will greatly increase the production and testing costs of the company. Once the product quality does not meet the standard requirements, being spot checked and reported by the Australian market will cause the company to suffer economic losses.

It is understood that electric light sources and lighting products are key export products in Shaoxing, involving more than 100 export companies, with an annual output value of more than 600 million US dollars. In recent years, Shaoxing exports LED products due to foreign technology trade barriers to return the case gradually increased, the reasons for return related to product certification, energy efficiency identification, origin identification. In response to this New Zealand-Australia launch of the New Deal, Shaoxing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded relevant lighting manufacturers exporting to Australia: to pay attention to Australia's revision of the standards for electronic and electrical products, study and study the new standard, and respond well to technical trade measures. We have a few ideas; strengthen product quality self-inspection and self-control, and use good raw materials, production safety and export inspection in quality management, use raw materials and components that meet the standards, and look for professional third-party agencies for testing and certification. According to the standards of the importing country, the company will carry out early detection and check and prepare for the situation before the end of the transitional period.

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