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High-pressure sodium lamps are not environmentally friendly, and one state of the United States is equipped with new LED energy-saving bulbs.


According to foreign media reports, US energy company NorthWestern Energy is deploying 43,000 street lights in Montana with new energy-saving light bulbs while recycling old, potentially dangerous lamps.

Falling prices have made LED street light bulbs a cost-effective option, especially as manufacturers warn that traditional high-pressure sodium lamps may soon be out of supply.

The recycling of old lamps is not simply dumped in landfills because some of the old lamps contain mercury. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, if animals consume mercury at high doses, there may be slow growth, reduced reproduction and death.

The person in charge said, “A high-pressure sodium lamp contains 15 milligrams of mercury.” “This looks relatively insignificant, but on a larger scale, 43,000 street lights add up. You can see that this harmful substance becomes an environmental problem. ""

However, recycling old lights is not free. The estimated cost of the project is $120,000, and the average price per lamp is nearly $3.

The energy company is expected to continue its four-year, $24 million replacement program in several other locations in Montana next year.

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