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Research: Green LED bulbs reduce the chance of accidentally catching other conservation species


A multinational research team led by Dr. Jeffrey Mangel of the University of Exeter in the UK, released the latest research report, pointing out that if LED bulbs powered by green energy batteries are used on fishing nets, the chances of seabirds and marine life being caught by fishing nets will be reduced by more than 85. %.

The research team conducted experiments in the Sechura Bay waters of northern Peru. From the evening, the nets were netted until the next morning, and the 114 groups of fishing nets were placed in the sea. Each group had two fishing nets, one of which was along the floating net for every 10 km. One LED bulb was installed and the other LED bulb was not used as a control group. As a result, it was found that the fishing nets equipped with LED bulbs were significantly less likely to be entangled than the unmounted fishing nets. South American cockroaches are endemic to the local species and will sneak into the water for fishing, but they are often trapped on fishing nets.

The study, published in the Royal Society of Open Science magazine, said Dr. Mangel's findings show that humans can use low-cost methods to enable fishermen to work while reducing the chances of mistaking other conservation species.

Previous research teams have done similar experiments, when they also divided the fishing net into an experimental group that emits green LED bulbs and a control group that did not have LED bulbs. The results showed that the probability of turtles being caught was reduced by 64%, and there was no Affect the catch. The research team is now actively expanding its cooperation with Peruvian fishermen and wants to test that different colors of light can not achieve the same effect on different conservation animals.

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