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Optimistic about the lighting potential of the car, OSRAM intends to expand the business portfolio in Malaysia


It is reported that OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is optimistic about the market growth potential of automotive applications and plans to expand its business portfolio in Malaysia, including ongoing research and development and donation of advanced equipment to four universities in Malaysia.

Ronald Mueller, CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors in Malaysia, said that Malaysia's demand for truly high-end lighting applications, such as pixel headlights for vehicles, is a huge business opportunity.

Equipment donated by OSRAM includes equipment for optical and semiconductor manufacturing, valued at approximately $600,000 (equivalent to approximately RMB 4 million). These devices will help four universities develop research laboratories to promote students' exploration of high-tech industries in order to train the next generation of engineers.

In addition, according to official sources, OSRAM announced the appointment of Jes Munk Hansen as CEO and Global Sales President of Osram Americas.

It is reported that Jes Munk Hansen joined Osram in 2013 as CEO of Osram Americas and President and CEO of Osram Xiwannian. During the splitting of Lauderwans from Osram, Hansen became the CEO of Landvence. In early 2018, Roundmans announced that former Samsung executive Dr. Tan Changlin took over as chairman and CEO of the management committee, and Jes Munk Hansen ceased to be CEO and managing director, leaving Landvewans with Europe and The rich global leadership experience of the North American market returns to OSRAM.

Today, Jes Munk Hansen takes over from Grant Wright as CEO of the Americas, where he is responsible for OSRAM's Americas business, taking on a new role with global business unit leaders and managing global sales functions.

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