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Seattle replace LED street lights with warm color temperatures due to residents’ protests


A few days ago, Seattle became one of the first big cities to announce a change in the color temperature of street lamps.

Seattle said it will replace its original 4000K LED fixtures with a warmer 3000K after residents protest.

Earlier, the American Medical Association issued a warning in 2016 that high-intensity LED street lamps will have an impact on human health and wildlife. It is recommended that the color temperature should not exceed 3000K.

The color temperature of street lamps has become a major problem in the world, in part because of glare, and partly because of the feeling. Colder color temperatures such as 4000K or even 5000K produce more blue light, which in turn is associated with a lower chance of sleep or even cancer.

The Seattle City Light, a public utility company responsible for the Seattle Street Lighting Network, denied replacing street lights in response to residents’ concerns.

Scott Thomsen of Seattle City Light said that although he was skeptical about the conclusions of the American Medical Association, he did not deny that Blu-ray was not good for sleep. However, Thomsen believes that the blue light of devices such as televisions and mobile phones is more worrying than the blue light produced by street lights.

He also said that the recommendations of the American Medical Association did not play a direct role in the decision to change the city's luminaire specifications.

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