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6,000 street lamps on the Spanish archipelago to install special light panels


In Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, approximately 6,000 new street lights will be equipped with special light panels that filter out the blue light and direct the light to the ground to avoid interference with nearby astronomical observatories.

Benefiting from extremely clear skies, these islands have several internationally renowned observatories that are specially protected by Spanish law.

This has led the city government to take measures to mitigate light pollution, such as the ban on the use of high-pressure mercury or white light. Of course, there are some special cases, such as lighting for sports and advertising.

At the same time, the project will be installed with 100" "with sensors" street lights that can accommodate existing and future sensors (such as noise, pollution, traffic monitoring, etc.) and can be used with equipment suppliers to signify Software application pairing. These accessories are fitted with two system-compatible sockets, one mounted on the top and the other mounted on the bottom of each fixture, and are compatible with the Zhaga standard.

It is reported that the streetlight project will be under the responsibility of ImesAPI. ImesAPI will remotely monitor, control and manage 3,000 Luma and 1,500 ClassicStreet fixtures using Signify's Interact City Street Lighting Management System. Approximately 1,500 sodium lamps in existing facilities will be added to Interact City using a connector kit.

Lope Afonso, Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, said, “For astronomers and those who like the night of the stars, our sky quality is second to none.”

“We want to protect these precious resources while making our streets safer for citizens and tourists.”

“This latest technology meets the needs of the local observatory and will also help us reduce electricity used for public lighting by approximately 65% while providing a choice for our future smart city services.

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