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"Smart Street Light" on duty, free WI-FI Internet access


As night falls, the lights are on. On the road of Zunyi People's Road in Guizhou, which has just been rebuilt and expanded, you can see that the unique street lamps are gradually lit up, and the People's Road is decorated with colorful colors against the backdrop of the midsummer sky.

In most people's eyes, streetlights are public facilities used for lighting at night. They are basically not used during the day, but now the streetlights on the people's roads have subverted the concept of many people. The street lights on this road can not only provide free Wi- to pedestrians. Fi can also realize remote control, real-time monitoring of environmental data, and so on. The streetlights on this section should be called "smart street lights" accurately, and they are intelligently managed using big data. Since May of this year, it has been installed one after another, with three features of free Wi-Fi, environmental monitoring and remote control.

It is understood that the 5G base station transmitter port is reserved at the top of the lamp pole, which provides free Internet access for citizens standing near the pole. In addition, through the display, the public can get information about the surrounding air quality monitoring. The most popular is the "smart street light" also has a video surveillance function, if the public needs help, just press the help alarm button, the help information can be transmitted to the smart Internet of Things big data platform through the network, the monitoring center staff will The way of voice intercom is to provide remote assistance to the public.

In addition, the smart street light can also adopt the single-lamp intelligent control system according to the seasonal changes, and implement energy-saving light control settings for the street lights in different sections and time divisions.

The “Smart Street Light” installed by Renmin Road is another new measure of the intelligent management of urban street lights relying on the Internet of Things technology in Huichuan District. Through the analysis and judgment of each street light data by big data, it can manage the street lights more finely and intelligently. Power consumption not only meets urban lighting needs, saves maintenance costs, but also boosts the construction of “Smart Huichuan”.

It is reported that the 144-inch street lamps have all been installed. At present, the auxiliary functions of the street lamps are being debugged. After the completion of the commissioning, they will be handed over to the streetlight management office of the Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Huichuan District for management.

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