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Shenzhen will implement new regulations for urban lighting management in August, strictly control the scope and brightness of landscape lighting


In order to strengthen urban lighting management, improve urban lighting environment, and promote energy conservation, Shenzhen will implement the newly implemented “Shenzhen City Lighting Management Measures” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) from August 1, 2018. March 3, 1997 The "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Urban Road Lighting Management Regulations" (City Government Order No. 59) was abolished.

The urban lighting referred to in the Measures includes functional lighting and landscape lighting. The "Measures" stipulate that the municipal competent department, in conjunction with the municipal planning land and transportation department, shall organize and prepare a special plan for urban lighting according to the overall urban planning, and report to the municipal urban planning committee for approval and organization. Before the urban lighting special plan is submitted for approval, the municipal competent department shall publicly solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life through hearings and demonstrations. The municipal competent department shall formulate urban lighting energy conservation plans according to the urban lighting special plan, and strictly control the scope, brightness and energy consumption density of the landscape lighting.

The "Measures" stipulate that functional lighting facilities should be set up in three types of areas: first, urban roads, bridges, tunnels, pedestrian crossing facilities, greenways; second, residential areas, urban villages, squares, parks, public green spaces, places of interest, public parking The third is other non-functional lighting facilities and public places that may have potential safety hazards. In addition, important urban landmarks and nodes, major urban corridors, and important urban traffic portals should be installed in accordance with the urban lighting special plan.

According to the "Measures", the landscape lighting facilities invested by the government in public facilities and residential areas shall be maintained and managed by the competent department, and the expenses shall be borne by the financial funds. The landscape lighting facilities invested by the government, in commercial buildings (including office buildings, hotels and apartments, etc.) and other commercial buildings (structures), the competent department may entrust the construction (construction) owners to be responsible for maintenance and management. The relevant regulations provide maintenance and electricity subsidies.

The "Measures" require that if the urban road lighting facilities fail, the maintenance and management unit shall repair the repairs immediately after discovering the fault or receiving the report. Simple faults such as single annihilation lamps should be processed within 24 hours; more complicated faults such as line and equipment damage should be handled within 3 days; failures that cannot be repaired on time due to reconstruction, remediation, and no special accessories should be maintained by the maintenance management unit. Take measures such as setting announcements and reminders to prevent accidents. The "Measures" also require the competent authorities to announce to the public the complaints telephone number of the city lighting facilities that are answered 24 hours a day. After receiving the report and complaint, the competent department shall promptly investigate and handle the case, and within 3 working days after the completion of the processing, the written investigation report shall be returned to the real-name reporter or the complainant.

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