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OSRAM sells lighting business, will continue to focus on high growth markets


The OSRAM Group Board of Directors recently decided to sell its luminaire business. Olaf Berlien, CEO of OSRAM Group, said: “Because of a number of measures, the financial income of the OSRAM Professional Lighting Solutions Division has stabilized. This also allows us to initiate the sale of the business in an orderly manner, thus ensuring At the strategic level, OSRAM has always focused on applications with high growth potential.” OSRAM will arrange discussions with potential buyers. The OSRAM Board of Directors will also announce the latest developments in this strategic plan at the Capital Markets Conference in November.

As part of its strategic restructuring plan, OSRAM will continue to focus on growth markets in the high-tech sector. In the OSRAM financial reporting system, the performance of the Professional Lighting Systems Solutions (LS) Division is included in the Lighting Systems Solutions (LSS) segment. The largest plant of the LS division is located in Traunreut, Germany, which produces lighting products for industrial and commercial locations, street and stadium lighting.

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