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Policy and technology driven, UV LED market growth will accelerate


With the fierce competition in the LED general lighting market and the continuous reduction of product gross profit margins, LED companies with R&D capabilities have turned to the development of segmented niche markets such as UV LEDs, seeking new growth points and higher profits in the industry. Driven by policy and technology, the UV-LED market will accelerate, UV-C LED will occupy the largest market share in the future instead of UV-A LED, and Chinese manufacturers have overcome difficulties and accelerated the layout to participate in the niche market.

Policy and technology driven, UV LED market growth will accelerate

According to the data of the OFweek Industrial Research Institute, the global UV LED market in 2018 is 2 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2022, the market size will reach 6.5 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 35%. The main factor contributing to growth is the 2020 mercury pollution prevention convention, which will inhibit the production, export and import of mercury-containing products. With the maturity and cost reduction of UV LED technology, the UV LED penetration rate will continue to increase.

UV-A applications account for the largest proportion, UV-C will dominate the market in the future

According to the wavelength, ultraviolet (Ultra Violet) light is usually divided into three bands of UV-A (315nm-400nm), UV-B (280nm-315nm), and UV-C (200nm-280nm), each band has The respective areas of application. UV-A is mainly used in the fields of curing, anti-counterfeiting, photocatalytic purification, etc. UV-B applications include medical and plant growth, and the UV-C band is mainly used for sterilization and purification. At present, most of the products on the market are UV-A LEDs and UV-C LEDs. UV curing is the main application market. As the disinfection efficiency of UV-C LEDs increases, the demand in the industrial field will increase. Surface sterilization, static water sterilization, and mobile water sterilization will provide more growth drivers for the market. It is expected that by 2022, UV-CLED will occupy 70% market share.

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