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The US World Trade Center will upgrade LED lighting, saving $715,000 a year.


Recently, the World Trade Center (WTC) and the New York and New Jersey Port Authority signed a $7.9 million energy-saving contract, which will begin to update more than 13,000 lighting equipment.

The contract will help the Port Authority save approximately 6.4 million kWh of electricity annually and reduce carbon emissions by more than 4,700 metric tons. The Port Authority is expected to save more than $715,000 in the first year and will continue for 10 years.

Responsible for this project is Constellation, which upgrades more than 13,000 current lighting devices to LEDs, which not only saves energy, but also increases the service life of the lamps.

In addition, in the Oculus area, “uplighting” will be replaced by new red, green and blue dot lighting. Constellation will install lighting controls to make it easy for WTC maintainers to make color changes.

At present, Constellation has started the update work, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Work in densely populated areas will be carried out at night to avoid peak periods.

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