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American Society Releases New Standard for Measurement of Plant Lighting LED Products


According to reports, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recently released the second standard in a three-part standard series on LED light radiation measurements related to plant growth and development.

ANSI/ASABE S642, the recommended method for measurement and testing of LED products for plant growth and development. It describes how to measure and test LED packages, arrays, modules, LED lights, and other LED light-emitting components.

Prior to this, ASABE published the first standard in the series, ANSI/ASABE S640, which is primarily concerned with the number and units of electromagnetic radiation in plants (photosynthetic organisms), defining and describing the measurement criteria for plant growth and development. Since plants use very different light than humans, it is necessary to obtain different units from familiar lumens and candlelight meters.

In addition, the third standard will focus on the performance standards of horticultural lighting LED systems.

It is understood that ASABE was established in 1907 to support engineers in advancing the development of agricultural, biological and food systems. In 2015, the ASABE Agricultural Lighting Committee began to develop standardized measurement standards for horticultural lighting.

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