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Nearly saving two million pounds a year after replacing LED street lights in small towns in the UK


According to foreign media reports, Wigan, a small town in northwest England, completed a streetlight replacement program last year. More than 36,500 LED lights were installed through the road network, saving the town government £1 million a year, significantly reducing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition, these LED lamps have many other advantages over conventional sodium street lamps.

LEDs have a longer life span, less maintenance requirements, and a nearly 60% reduction in energy consumption.

LED lights are almost non-heating, contain no harmful substances, do not need to be replaced, can be controlled by a central computer system, while providing bright, high-quality lighting for the street.

Carl Sweeney, a member of the Wigan town government environment cabinet, said: "The implementation of street lighting projects is the key to change and will ultimately have a positive impact on our next generation environment."

“Some places don’t open street lights to save money, but we know that this is not what our residents want. Street lights can make people feel safer in the community and on the road.”

According to local government financial data, the Wigan town government spent £1.8 million on the streetlight project between April and December 2018.

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