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Upgrade street lighting, Darwin, Australia to create a smart city


In recent years, the construction of “smart cities” around the world has been launched to create smart cities. As an important part, smart lighting plays an important role in smart cities.

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Darwin City in northern Australia will use intelligent street lighting system in the city to replace nearly 10,000 lights on streets and public lighting networks with wirelessly connected LEDs.

These luminaires will be controlled by a central management system (CMS) that is known to reduce energy and maintenance costs and turn the streetlight into a “hub” of smart city sensors by automatically reporting faults and improving service quality.

Darwin City CEO Scott Waters said that “critical infrastructure projects such as street and public lighting require the highest standards to ensure reliability and value for money”, “With this system, Darwin can improve street lighting services while Reduce costs and provide a safer, smarter, and more effective environment for our communities."

Previously, Palmerston, Australia adopted a smart street lighting system to upgrade LED street lights.

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