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Oakmont, USA plans to replace gas street lights with LED lights, saving money and beautiful


According to media reports, in the United States, Oakmont, the traditional gas street lights along the Allegheny River Avenue will be extinguished, the local committee asked the government for funding for street lighting upgrade projects, the gas street lights replaced with LED lights. For many years, members of the Oakmont Avenue project have been working to replace street lights across the cobblestone road shop with LED lights.

It is understood that as early as 2015, when the old Helton Bridge was replaced, some of the gas lamps were replaced with LED lights, but about six-fifths of the street lights still use gas.

District Council Chairman Joanne Anderson said that these street lights have been shining. But with LED technology, the cost of street lighting will be much less, and with the convenience of maintenance, this project is more attractive. She also said that each year the committee spends about $12,000 on gas street lighting. If it is upgraded to an LED street light, the cost will be reduced by about $1,200 per year.

At present, in order to save money, the district committee is considering turning off the gas street lights, and they are also applying for financial allocation for street lighting upgrades. At a seminar on Monday, Anderson explained to the government committee that his team is applying for a $300,000 multimodal transport fund to the state department of Community and Economic Development to complete the conversion project for streetlights. .

It is understood that the government committee only agreed to 30% of the allocation, the district committee and the municipality allocated 60,000 and 30,000 US dollars respectively. Anderson said that these costs are only estimates. The district committee is currently discussing the details of the project with Santangelo & Lindsay, an engineering firm in New Brighton. She said that the appearance of street lights and poles will not change much, mainly due to changes in power and lighting.

Committee Chairman William Benusa said he would like to see more specific figures before making a decision. A number of committee members expressed support for the project. Member Tim Favo said: "This is a beautiful thing, and those street lights look really beautiful."

Funding applications will be closed by the end of this month, and payments are expected to arrive in November. Congressman Carrie Del Rosso said that if the government decides to support the project, the grant will also be part of next year's budget.

In addition, Anderson had hoped to work with the gas company to step through the streetlights step by step, instead of replacing the gas lamps all at once. But it turns out that finding the various shut-off valves and the streetlights they are connected to is very difficult, and batch conversion is much more expensive than a single conversion.

Anderson also showed that the cost of retrofitting these street lights would also be more expensive than replacing them. The official has not yet determined when the project will begin.

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