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10 reasons why the sports venues should not use ordinary LED lights but professional LED sports stadium lights


venues customers are doubt that why the professional Led sports Stadium lights are more expensive than ordinary LED lights , why they can't use the ordinary LED lights but only have to use the professional Led sports stadium lights,  Here below Reita will give you 10 brief reasons

1.Different from the normal Led lights, the Led sports stadium lights are using the imported professional and original international first-line brand led light source and led drivers which are customized for different projects and cannot be mass-produced.Ordinary LED lamps are mass produced. The light source and drivers do not meet the requirements of stadium lamps and cannot be directly used on the court. Reita Led Sports Stadium lights are using the imported original USA Bridgelux and Cree .And driver is the top brand Meanwell driver.

2. Professional LED sports stadium light heatsink adopts phase change cooling technology of military industry, high thermal conductivity material, this technology and material reduce energy consumption and reduce the weight of lamps, especially the thermal conductivity is better, and ordinary LED is using with normal aluminum.

3. The color temperature of the professional LED sports stadium lamps is customized for various types of courses, making athletes, referees and spectators more comfortable. 

4. The color rendering index of professional LED sports stadium lights is more than 80, making the colors more realistic and restoring the real beauty of the course. The picture of ordinary LED lights is blurred and distorted. Reita Led Sports Stadium lights can be customize CRI as high as 95 which is the best choice for the live broadcast.

5.Professional gymnasium will usually will have different competitions. Different competitions have different requirements for the lights. Take the badminton and fencing competition for example, they have much difference.The lights should meet different requirements for different competitions. And according to different stadium should do specially research and production, the cost will be high, the material requirements is very strict, and price is very high. Reita have different series of led stadium lights for customers choosing. And we are also can do customize for special requirements.

6. Professional LED sports stadium lights adopt professional lighting distribution system, point-by-point lighting distribution system, more prominent energy-saving effect, a variety of lighting distribution design, achieve accurate lighting, this not only can achieve lighting effect, but also illumination is more uniform. Ordinary LED lights is either too bright and dazzling, or not bright enough, there will be obvious dark areas, the lighting is uneven;

7. The professional Led sports Stadium light is not have the light pollution, spillage and have a good glare control .Professional light distribution design can effectively prevent spillage and glare, and reduce over 37% spillage on general venues. The light of ordinary LED lamps is scattered and there are lights everywhere, which may cause disturbance to people.

8. Professional LED sports stadium light have constant illumination technology, illumination level and uniformity remain constant for 5000 hours;

9. Professional LED sports stadium lights are maintenance-free for more than three or five years, without any maintenance cost, and the effect and quality are more guaranteed.

10. A modern indoor stadium,should not only have a good lighting environment but also an intelligent lighting control system .However, ordinary LED lamps in the sports industry do not have an intelligent control system.The professional Led Sports Stadium light have a very mature intelligent control.Intelligent lighting system can realize training and entertainment mode, amateur game mode, professional game mode, TV relay mode, and linkage with other subsystems of intelligent building.Easy control,simple operation, can be in computer and mobile terminal control, this improve the gymnasium management level, reduce the maintenance cost, have good effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction and prolong the lifespan of the light.

     Above all, from research to production of each link, a professional LED sports light, have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources and all raw materials are the best quality, and even part of the raw materials or rare items, all of this make the price of the professional sports stadium light higher than the ordinary LED lamps.

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