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Indian media: Unqualified products pose a huge challenge to the Indian lighting industry


According to Indian media reports, as the urbanization of India continues to accelerate, the demand for energy-efficient lighting products continues to increase, and the Indian lighting industry can maintain healthy growth for a long time.

However, experts believe that the existence of unqualified lighting products poses a major threat to the health of the lighting industry. These products do not meet the LED product safety standards set by the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS).

Lighting expert Sumit Joshi said: "Because these fake products are illegally manufactured and sold, in addition to causing a significant drop in the tax revenue of the Indian government, it also poses a serious safety hazard to consumers. The Indian government needs a stronger enforcement mechanism. Implement these applicable safety standards and conduct intensive market surveillance to address this issue."

Anuj Poddar, executive director of Indian electrical equipment manufacturer Bajaj Electricals, said, “One of the most important challenges facing the lighting industry today is the low entry barrier. Now, many non-illuminated companies or companies that don’t have any knowledge of lighting are entering the lighting business. This will mislead the customer."

It is reported that the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) is taking the necessary measures to introduce standardization. However, experts feel that with the continuous development of the market and technology, there is still a lot of work to be done. Poddar added that "standardization is critical, not only for manufacturers, but also for end customers."

He also believes that the ruthless competition between competitors has led to price declines. Due to the fragmentation of the Indian lighting market, many consumers only look at initial investment costs rather than total cost of ownership.

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