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To fight crime, Cleveland invests $35 million to install LED street lights and cameras


According to foreign media reports, Cleveland will launch a $35 million project in the next 18 months, installing LED street lights and about 1,000 cameras on the road, in the hope of solving crime problems and making the community safer.

Mayor Frank Jackson said, "These lights will have greater illumination, and we can increase or decrease the brightness as needed."

“The camera will be installed within about 300 meters of the entertainment center or major park,” and pointed out that the police will identify “hot spots” where crimes often occur.

In addition, he pointed out that in order to test the infrastructure required for project work, two pilots will be selected. The city hired a project manager representing Cleveland and taxpayers to take care of each stage of work and testing to ensure everything is working.

Utilities director Robert Davis said that these LED street lights will have "smart light cells and adaptive controls, and we can turn on, turn off, dim and provide power outage management, and get rid of existing complaint-driven systems."

Cleveland Police Commissioner Calvin D. Williams said "light and visibility are natural enemies of crime and chaos" and said that cameras equipped with new lighting will help ensure city safety. He pointed out that the mayor will "expect to announce another technology later this year" to help combat violent crimes in the city.

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