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Why choose for Gavita CT1930E LED Horticultural Light?


Why choose for Gavita CT1930E LED Horticultural Light Replacement?

When you invest in assets for production facilities there are only two things that matter: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI). It is not only about the initial price, but the performance and costs over lifetime. Buying a cheap product may sound like a good idea at first, but reliability, support and optimal performance will prove to be much more important over time.That is why we focus on the quality of product, services and reliability. We have a proven track record of over 10 years in providing reliable lighting solutions for professional growers.

Professional products

This CT1930E is The First 1:1 HPS Replacement in the world. Our fixtures are world-class when it comes to performance and reliability. We have an installed base of millions of fixtures. You can rely on Reita o offer you the best value for money, with the lowest cost of ownership and best return on investment.

When investing in production assets there is no room for a gamble. You need proven solutions that do what they are designed for. Our products are designed in-house and assembled in our own facilities. Our in-house light laboratory gives us the advantage of being able to design and test reflector models. This offers the best possible efficiency and quality control of our production. 

Worldclass service

Our professional services include: 

*project management
*light calculations
*on-site light measurements
*lamp and reflector measurements
*technical consultancy
*implementation support
*light recipe consultancy
*OEM design
*Development of bespoke products.

We want to empower our customers with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their lighting requirements and investments.

We work closely together with horticultural educational institutes who we help to develop training programs, provide demo equipment and provide master classes.

Reita has an apprenticeship program and is an officially recognized training company. In the exclusive Club of 100 we work closely together with University, funding, initiating and participating in horticultural research.

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