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How to Make Lighting Plan for Stadium Lighting/Football Field Lighting


There are a lot of customers who have a demand for our stadium LED floodlight. It includes small-sized gymnasium, indoor basketball court, soccer/football field, tennis court and school playground etc. However, many a led customer often find it confused about introducing led that they want. Another problem is that they also don't know how many led floodlights it needs in a certain field.

In fact, we can not judge the specific brightness through our naked eyes. It is not scientific to judege led floodlight’s brightness only by the impression that it appears bright or it looks dim. Because the field’s standard should reach the standard of specific data, such as 500 lux on the ground.

As a matter of fact, if you want to know which type led you want to introduce and how many led floodlights you need, the software Dialux will calculate for you. What you need to know is the field’s pole position, quantity of pole, height of pole and how many lux on the ground. Dialux will calculate the result for you finally.

Take led floodlight in tennis court as an example, as the following figure shows:
Tennis court:
Floodlight position:two sides
Height of  floodlight:12meters
Average lux on the ground:400lux
Led floodlight:18pcs of 200w led floodlight with 60degree

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