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The first "traffic light zebra crossing" is on the streets of Xi'an


Recently, a unique intelligent luminous zebra crossing appeared outside the west gate of Xi'an Textile City Passenger Station. The LED lights embedded in the ground flashed in sync with the pedestrian traffic lights, making it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road from here.

The ground-mounted pedestrian signal light belongs to the embedded design, and the light-emitting tube is buried in front of the first grid of the zebra crossing in the east-west direction, and the length is about 2.5 meters. A thick transparent glass layer is placed above the tube, and the light is soft and bright. This ground-type signal light will flash in synchronization with the column-type crosswalk signal light. When the column-type pedestrian signal light on the opposite side of the road flashes green, the three pedestrian lights of the ground-type pedestrian signal light flash green at the same time; when the red light of the column-type pedestrian signal light flashes, the three light-emitting strips on the ground simultaneously turn into red light.

According to the traffic police, this ground-based traffic light zebra crossing will be on 24 hours a day. The ground type pedestrian signal light is a supplement to the original column type pedestrian signal light. It can be used as a supplement to the column-type pedestrian pedestrian signal. 'Wake up' more 'lower heads' pay attention to traffic lights and safely cross the street; second, it can be used as a boundary line waiting for traffic lights to improve the traffic efficiency of non-motor vehicle lanes near the zebra crossing; third is the visible light of the zebra crossing At night or in bad weather, it reminds pedestrians and drivers to reduce accidents around pedestrian crossings. Fourth, it can also serve as an auxiliary safety facility to facilitate people with low vision.

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