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Affected by the trade war, the US LED bulbs rose


Affected by the high tariffs imposed by the Sino-US trade war, brand manufacturers have begun to increase the price of their products and pass on the tariff burden to consumers.

In August, the United States replaced 40W, 60W incandescent LED bulbs rose by 2.7%, 1.3%. In September, the price of LED bulbs replacing 40W and 60W incandescent lamps in the United States increased by 4.3% and 3.6% respectively. The increase was larger than that in August and was increased for the second consecutive month.

Does the price of LED bulbs that continue to increase up have a transfer effect on Taiwanese manufacturers? LED chip makers said that the mainland is still relatively advantageous in the manufacture of LED tubes and LED bulbs. Even if tariffs are raised, OEM prices are still quite competitive. Whether it is LED chip factory or packaging. The factory has expanded its transformation efforts and tried to reduce the proportion of general lighting revenue. Therefore, the first wave of tariff adjustment does not see the transfer effect.

In addition, Jingdian pointed out that in September, it has been able to see the specifications of the previous queues, customers shrink, orders have been repaired, the current crystal power only ultra-high brightness blue LED (UHB) full load, the impact of trade war on the LED industry Still to be seen.

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