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Steady Growth in Automotive Lamp Market


, and beautification, and has an important influence on the practicability, safety, and appearance of the car. The headlights are not standard components, and usually every car model is to be developed or replaced with a new one.

The raw materials for the production of automobile headlights are mainly light sources and plastics. Therefore, the upper reaches of the automotive headlamp industry are light sources and plastic raw materials. The downstream applications of the automotive headlamps industry are mainly the new car accessories and auto repair modification market.

At present, halogen headlights, xenon headlamps, and LED headlights are the most common types on the market. Although xenon headlamps are still the most popular car headlamp configuration today, LED headlights have begun to enter more and more. People's vision. And it is worth noting that the application of LED headlamps is very fast, and it has long been not the exclusive configuration of high-end models.

LED has a long-term life, low energy consumption, relatively economical cost (laser lamp cost is too high) and many other advantages of continuous improvement in penetration rate, is expected to replace the halogen lamp into the mainstream.

In recent years, under the dual stimulation of market environment and government subsidies, LED upstream enterprises have continuously expanded production capacity and the industry has become increasingly fierce. Most companies dilute production costs by expanding their production scale, and lower their prices in exchange for market share, leading to a continuous decline in the prices of LED chips. In particular, some LED manufacturers have rushed to complete machine purchases before the completion of the subsidy policy in the mainland, which has accelerated the release of new production capacity in the mainland, which has led to a further deterioration of global LED production capacity.

As LED lighting is facing overcapacity problems and the homogenization of products is serious, fierce competition has caused businesses to compete in price warfare. In addition, with the LED bottle patent bottleneck being broken, product technology continues to increase, and material costs are rapidly declining, all leading to LED lighting. Product prices continue to decline.

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