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LED replace HPS in in the capital of New Zealand is expected to save ten million dollars a year for taxpayers


According to foreign media reports, the New Zealand Transport Bureau plans to install LED lighting on the national road in Wellington. The project is worth US$7.6 million. It was installed in July and installed a total of 3,400 street lamps.

It is expected that the entire area of the highway network in Wellington, including Wairarapa, will be completed by 2021.

The new LED street lights are expected to reduce road crime and increase driver safety throughout the region. In addition, more cost-effective LED street lights can save taxpayers about 10 million US dollars each year.

Mark Owen, regional traffic system manager, said that LED street lamps are far better than the sodium lamps they currently use, they also do not contain harmful substances and provide better visibility.

The LED can light up instantaneously, lasting six times longer than the sodium lamp, and it is shock- and vibration-proof, making it more reliable in exposed areas.

"LEDs make cars, drivers and pedestrians safer and more economical."

These LED street lights can also report faults and can be dimmed after nighttime peaks.

The first areas to receive new street lights are Wellington and Wairarapa, and other areas will be upgraded later.

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