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LED automotive lighting applications are facing challenges


LED automotive lighting applications are facing challenges

1、the cost

At present, China's total sales of cars, compact, small, mini-car sales accounted for 77%, SUV total sales, compact, small SUV accounted for 76%. This part of the model is very sensitive to the cost, the current price difference between ordinary halogen headlights and low-cost LED headlamps is still higher than 300 yuan, so the LED car lighting, especially the promotion of headlamps still need to be driven by the decline in system costs.

2、 efficiency

LED vehicle-level luminous efficiency is significantly lower than the civil level luminous efficiency, due to space constraints and ground illumination requirements, automotive LED (especially lighting) layout often have power, compact layout, had to configure the active cooling system , increase energy consumption.

3、 optical performance

The application of LED makes the optical design of automotive lamps more diversified, while providing a higher color temperature, wider and more uniform lighting effects.

However, the LED car lighting, especially the signal light and the ambient light, have high requirements for the uniformity of light color. At present, the downstream car lighting manufacturers ensure the uniformity of the light color, which is usually achieved by controlling the LED supply BIN. The less the BIN, the light color is selected. The better the consistency, the more expensive the price; on the other hand, the temperature difference between the automotive lighting environment (such as the engine compartment) is very large, and good color stability is very important.

4、 reliability

The use environment of LED automotive lighting fixtures is far from the general lighting fixtures, including input voltage fluctuations, vibration intensity and frequency changes, engine compartments and other peripheral thermal changes, temperature and humidity changes, solar radiation, salt spray corrosion, dust drop, etc. The impact of many aspects, so LED automotive lighting requirements for the reliability of devices and lamps is much higher than the general lighting field.

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