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OSRAM acquires Baxter Electronics, a subsidiary of Trilux Group, to strengthen its digital lighting business


Recently, OSRAM announced the acquisition of BAG Electronics, a subsidiary of the Trilux Group, to strengthen its leading position in the field of electronic components. At the same time, the parties reached an agreement and signed a strategic 5-year supply contract with a minimum sales volume requirement. The contract provides that OSRAM provides Trilux with the components used in the fixture. Baxter Electronics Co., Ltd. is a supplier of LED modules and software for innovative lighting solutions. Its head office is located in the Arnsberg administrative district of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Baxter Electronics achieved revenue of approximately 50 million euros in 2017.

The acquisition is still awaiting the approval of the relevant market competition management department, and both parties have reached an agreement to keep the financial details confidential. Mr. Wilhelm Nehring, Global CEO of Digital Systems, OSRAM, stated: “This acquisition completes the product portfolio of the first-class electronic ballasts used by OSRAM and is in line with our vision of transforming high-tech companies.” Baxter Electronic Co., Ltd. has a total of more than 380 employees, of whom 40 work in Germany. After the acquisition was completed, all employees of Baxter Electronics merged into OSRAM Group.

Baxter focuses on manufacturing LED lighting systems and innovative controllers for people-oriented lighting (HCL). This bio-effective light can simulate the natural changes of daylight, and brings balanced lighting that can mobilize the enthusiasm of work to employees in offices and industrial buildings.

This acquisition is another step in OSRAM's transformation of high-tech companies. The acquisition of Baxter Electronics Co., Ltd. not only expanded the product portfolio of Digital Systems of Osram, but also increased the sales and distribution channels of Osram in Germany and Asia. In addition, the production base in the Philippines is extremely competitive in the market, which also brings more opportunities for OSRAM to expand its market share in Asia.

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