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British driver complains about increasing number of LED headlights


Many people now pay attention to a parameter of the car, the headlight light source. The most common is the halogen lamp, which has helium upwards, and the most sought after car reviewers are LED headlamps.

In January, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) pointed out in the list of annual safety models that headlights are very important. For example, the Prius low-beam lights illuminate even more than the BMW 3 Series. excellent.

However, the British The Sun reported that RAC (Royal Automobile Club) research shows that many drivers because more and more equipped with LED headlights on the road, said he was shaken more often.

Among them, 1/6 of the drivers had had a blinding effect due to the arrival of a car and nearly caused a car accident. Two-thirds of drivers said that they often feel dazed when they meet the car.

Most people even agree that now they usually take 5 seconds to see the car again after the meeting. In other words, if the vehicle speed is 60 mph, the reaction distance is as high as 134 meters.

It is reported that the trade union organization has established a team to conduct in-depth research on problems with headlights being too bright. Some experts involved said that the continued popularity of LED lights may be an important reason.

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