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Chongqing holds the “Future City Smart Lighting” Summit Forum


Start Wisdom Lighting and create a better life. On March 23, the “Wisdom Lighting in the Future City” Summit was held in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Under the requirement of “promoting high-quality development and creating a high quality of life”, under the promotion of supply-side reforms and improvement of product supply quality, how will the lighting and lighting industry popularize “intelligent lighting” among consumers? Chongqing Lighting Association, Wang Shunbo, chairman of Chongqing Light Mart (Lighting) Group, gave a solution. He said that “environmental protection and energy conservation” is a very grand concept, and the people may not be able to understand it accurately. Home lighting should be "people-oriented", with objective feelings as the mainstay, and it can be fully adapted to meet the needs of people's eyes, ears, and nose. The lighting of five-star and four-star hotels makes people feel comfortable. There are grades, and the lights of guest houses and express hotels will make people feel insatiable and have differences. In terms of art, a lot of lighting with more "shocking" lighting effect is not equal to being beautiful. It is the biggest mistake to make "intelligent arrangement" of home interior light fixtures, and it is necessary to rationally use light according to the purpose of light use, such as irradiation. The drawings, the food irradiating the table, and the different functions of the sofa are used to make different plans.

The summit forum integrates production, learning, research, media, and business into a whole, focusing on the smart lighting construction of Chongqing in the future, and has done a lot in various fields such as domestic trends, ideas, technologies, products, standardization, application practice, and people's livelihood. The in-depth and beneficial discussion covers a wide range of content, a solid content, strong interaction, a warm atmosphere and fruitful results, and composes a beautiful page for “Wisdom Lighting of the Future City”.

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