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Zebra will also shine? New Taipei City, Taiwan pilot LED lights


In order to improve the traffic safety of pedestrians crossing the road at night, Taiwan's New Taipei City installed sensor-based LED lights in the pavements at two locations to remind passing vehicles to slow down.

The two locations are the zebra crossing leading to Bitan Scenic Area in front of the MRT Xindian Station and the public square parking lot at Xinfu Road in Banqiao District. The traffic bureau installed LED strips at the front and rear ends of the zebra crossing. When the line of sight is poor at night or in rainy days, it will automatically sense a flashing light to remind the arriving and departing vehicles to slow down. An infrared-sensing LED ground lamp is installed at the entrance of the parking lot. When the vehicle enters or exits, the LED lights up to remind the driver to slow down, giving priority to pedestrians.

The New Taipei City Transportation Bureau stated that after observing the LED lights in the two pilot locations, the vehicles will slow down as they pass through, fully achieving the warning effect, and follow-up will be promoted to other public parking entrances and exits, or roads with poor sight at night.

For this kind of "LED zebra crossing", people have different reactions. Some people have said that it is unclear what the role of LED lights is, but they also think that they only add aesthetics and decoration. Some people even said that when a pedestrian crosses the line, it suddenly lights up, and it does achieve the security effect of warnings and warnings.

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