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Platinum crystal lighting first set off at Frankfurt Lighting Fair


From March 18th to 23rd, 2,600 outstanding lighting companies from around the world gathered at the Frankfurt Messe exhibition center in Germany. At the two-year exhibition of Frankfurt International Lighting and Construction Technology and Equipment (hereinafter referred to as Frankfurt Lighting Fair) on the stage Taiwan Athletics showcases cutting-edge lighting technology, best creative lighting works, and latest process designs. The company focused on the lighting of boutique commercial spaces - foil lighting was the first time this year to participate in the Frankfurt Lighting Fair.

How to interpret the ultimate commercial lighting space atmosphere? At this exhibition, Foil Lighting provided outstanding service for the industry by exhibiting indoor commercial downlights, rail track lighting module series, and new modular and fully-functional linear lighting series. The answer sheet attracts the attention of the global audience.

Among them, as the fist innovation product of this exhibition, the series of low-power modular downlights and linear office lighting series have been favored by many customers.

The highlights of the low-power modular series downlights highlight the user's needs and enhance the freedom of product application. On the one hand, modules with different powers can be interchanged with different styles of front frame to meet the requirements of various light distributions. At the same time, tool-free disassembly of lens modules can be configured to achieve a variety of narrow, medium, wide, asymmetrical, etc. The application of angles. On the other hand, modular accessories make it easy for dealers to choose different color temperatures, angles, and light distribution front frames, optimize their inventory, save costs, and at the same time maximize the market's different needs.

The linear office lighting series has been hot in the industry in recent years and is the new favorite of office lighting. The innovation of the foil-crystal lighting linear office lighting series products is reflected in the fact that it is a full-featured application product based on the modular structure of the magnets. It can meet various ceiling mounting, lifting, narrow-edge embedding, and edgeless embedding in the mounting mode. Application, but also derived from the cabinet-type indirect lighting, all kinds of decorative and indirect lighting products on the corners and walls.

In addition, based on the magnet structure, the entire set of luminaires can realize tool-free combination, which greatly simplifies the steps in splicing of various shapes, saves time, and better guarantees the quality and effect of splicing. This series can provide different light distribution needs, achieve diffuse reflection, symmetrical black light lighting, asymmetrical wall wash lighting and other application effects.

There is no gorgeous booth design effect, no large product display space, no extravagant marketing, but in the various lighting products at the Frankfurt Lighting Fair, the two series of foil crystal lighting products with its outstanding lighting effects and cutting edge The technology and design concept stand out, winning with years of sedimentation.

Foil Crystal Lighting said that compared to the previous Frankfurt Lighting Fair, this exhibition can be seen that the traditional lighting machinery structure and light distribution has turned to the display based on the intelligent operation platform. Companies not only focus on the appearance of lamps and the effect of a light distribution, but also build their own products on smart platforms (such as ZIGBEE Bluetooth) and conduct light demonstrations of the needs of the application environment, highlight the application of light requirements, and dilute the The image of the lamp itself.

At the same time, linear luminaires are popular at this exhibition, and the demand of users for office lighting is further expanded.

In the future, in the field of commercial lighting, combined with intelligent platform-based, professional light application value will replace the intuitive value of traditional lamps, and systematic, modular, concise, and compact will become the mainstream design direction of lamps.

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