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The installation of new lighting fixtures in Austrian parks has resulted in no destruction


The park is located in the city of Graz. Six outdoor lighting fixtures in the park are equipped with motion detectors and noise sensors. Four of them are fitted with motion detectors and the other two are equipped with noise sensors. The dimming is up to 20% at the standard level.

When one of the motion detectors senses any type of motion, dimming will immediately increase to 50%. If one of the noise sensors senses any noise, the luminaire raises the area to 100%.

When the sun goes down, the light level will be accompanied by the entire process of pedestrians walking. When the pedestrian passes by, the front light will turn on, and the light behind will darken again after a certain period of time.

Therefore, any activity in the park can be immediately perceived, thus making pedestrians feel safer.

The luminaire is controlled by an intelligent, networked lighting control system that activates the luminaire via the radio module when the sensor detects noise or motion.

The accompanying software also shows the energy savings achievable with the new lighting solution, as the pilot project currently saves about 60% of energy compared to the original lighting fixture. A nearby gateway can communicate between the fixture and the web server.

The control system can also support the collection of information on a number of elements, including noise levels, weather conditions, and personnel mobility.

Analyzing these data may eventually provide more useful opportunities. Siegfried Nagl, the mayor of Graz, said, “This project shows how we brought the park into the digital age. In doing so, we can maximize safety.” “Since the installation of new lamps, there have been no Destructive behavior.

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