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Argentina terminates investigation of anti-dumping case of emergency lighting equipment


According to the Ministry of Commerce website, on April 23, Argentina announced the final announcement of the anti-dumping case for emergency lighting equipment and decided to terminate the investigation.

On April 23, 2018, the Argentine Ministry of Production issued Resolution No. 237 of 2018, which made an anti-dumping final ruling on China's emergency lighting equipment and found that there was dumping, but could not be deemed to have caused damage to the domestic industry. Therefore, the resolution terminated the investigation of the case.

It is reported that on September 4, 2017, the Argentine State Secretariat of Trade formally decided to initiate anti-dumping investigations on emergency lighting equipment originating in China. According to reports, anti-dumping investigations of the above products were initiated by Argentina’s ATOMLUX and GAMA SONIC companies, and the Argentine Production’s State Secretariat for Trade considered the two companies to be representative in Argentina’s related industry sectors. The investigation of this case will be the responsibility of the Anti-Unfair Competition Department of the Argentine Foreign Trade Commission, which believes there is a possibility of 183.39% dumping. The Argentine Foreign Trade Commission believes that in the past year, under the condition that prices were seriously undervalued, imports of related products from China have continued to grow, and they have continued to grow; the strong capabilities of China's production and exports have caused damage to the relevant industries in Afghanistan. The level of related product price undervaluation has brought the profitability of related industries in Asia below a reasonable average level.

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