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Meanwell (Guangzhou) officially joins KNX China User Organization Committee


Meanwell (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. has officially joined KNX China User Organization Committee (hereinafter referred to as KNX China Association) as a manufacturer member, which will be beneficial to the promotion of Mingwei KNX series products in the Chinese market.

KNX China Association is a national organization of KNX International Association. It is committed to the development and promotion of KNX standards. Its standards are home and building control applications for industrial, commercial and residential building applications control, and Taiwan’s Meanwell joined in 2015. KNX International Association currently has two products, KNX Power (KNX-20E-640) and KNX to DALI Gateway (KDA-64), which are expected to be launched in the future. It is expected that another 8-channel switch actuator and 4 channels of 0-10V will be introduced in the future. Optical actuators, KNX USB Interface, KNX IP Router and other products will be exhibited at the Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition in June this year.

Meanwell has been deeply cultivating the standard power supply industry for many years, accumulating solid research and development capabilities, and is committed to innovation and improvement. It provides One Stop Shopping and comprehensive power supply solutions for customers and employees. Partners and society create the best interests!

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