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The world's most luxurious lighting landmark


Places in the world have always been "lighting" their own characteristics in an amazing way. Not long ago, a research institute abroad had conducted a survey to investigate the brightest landmarks in the world and how much energy these landmarks use, as well as the cost of daily lighting.

Surveys show that Las Vegas’ Las Vegas Strip is the world’s most luxurious lighting landmark.

It is estimated that the energy consumption of the Las Vegas Strip will be as high as 8,000 megawatts per day, and the daily cost will be 960,000 pounds. The electricity price of the MGM Hotel is only 70,000 pounds per month.

The survey also included some other famous landmarks.

Times Square in New York uses 161 megawatts per day and spends nearly 20,000 pounds per day running 55 giant LED displays.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris uses 22 megawatts per day and costs 2,640 pounds per day while lighting up 20,000 light bulbs.

The Blackpool Lantern Show in the United Kingdom uses 15 MW per day, costs 758 pounds per day and continues to shine for 66 nights.

The construction of Ain Dubai (also known as “Dubai Eye”) uses 14 megawatts per day and costs 1,560 pounds per day. After completion, it will be the world's largest Ferris wheel with a height of 210 meters, 48 cockpits (32 in the London Eye), 1400 tourists and an 80-meter LED advertising screen.

The Spectra Light & Water Show in the United Arab Emirates' Marina Bay Sands uses 2.5 megawatts per day and costs 300 pounds per day. Using energy-efficient lamps and a 470-watt luminaire, it produces a light output similar to a 4000 watt searchlight.

The Christmas Light show at the Petri Plaza Shopping Centre in Canberra, Australia uses 0.78 MW per day and costs £95 a day. It is the world's largest Christmas light show with 1.2 million LED lights and 75 miles of cable.

Stephen Alty general manager Festive Lights commissioned the survey, said: "When you go to the city or landmarks around the world, you will notice how the lighting designer to use LED lighting to create a spectacular view of the LED now been in existence for some time. But in recent years, the landmarks themselves have also incorporated dramatic light shows. The design has really become crazy. These designs are really impressive.

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