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The DOB module is coming


The DOB module is coming up with the strong market demand. The DOB module is welcomed by the end users and many LED lamps and lanterns for its simple structure, convenient production and lower cost. We have seen a lot of feedback from the final sales channel, specifying OEM manufacturers to provide DOB solutions. In Homedepot, Cosco, Menards and other lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns based on DOB modules, such as ceiling lamps, down lights, cabinet lamps and so on, have become hot selling products in shopping malls.

But at the same time, the development prospect of DOB module has been foggy. Many lamps and lanterns are hesitant about this, and there are all kinds of worries. The representative questions include: is the DOB module safe enough, will it cause an electric shock? Whether the DOB module is able to run reliably for a long time, and can it provide 5 years of warranty and how to deal with the stroboscopic problem of the DOB module in some high maintenance cost applications, will it be necessary to authenticated?

With the rapid development of LED technology, practitioners need to face downward pressure on prices. = the trend towards large-scale applications is unstoppable. First of all, in the industrial chain, with the continuous decline in the price of LED chips, the continuous improvement of the optical efficiency, the high voltage LED required by the DOB module. In the field of driving IC, domestic chip companies, in order to be more close to the advantages of the production users, continue to iterate, introduce new technologies such as constant power control, and so on. In the field of direct drive IC, it has been in the forefront of the world. Around the DOB module, the shell manufacturer also launched a 4000 volt resistant shell, and the lens manufacturer also has a special lens for a variety of applications for the DOB module. It is precisely because of the prospect of good expectations, the industrial chain division and cooperation will make DOB module performance continuously improve, prices continue to decline. We also call for more manufacturers to take part in the open standards and work together to create a brilliant tomorrow for DOB modules.

In the technical aspect, the two major factors that restrict the development of integrated modules driving light source are stroboscopic and stability. A product with wide application prospects must have two basic features. One is to obtain the market access threshold through recognized international standards and industry standards; two, the product is stable and reliable, and after shipment, it can be exempt from worries. Cool blue technology has been working in this field for many years. It is the only enterprise that has the ability to drive chip research and development and large-scale manufacturing of modules. We are willing to open up our own technology accumulation, analyze the structure of the hot selling products in the customer market, analyze the impact of the PCB substrate on the performance of the whole lamp, and analyze how to ensure the long-term stability of the DOB module system; how the DOB module has passed the JA8 T24 certification, the energy star certification, and the CE certification.

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