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gerator LED lighting market leveraging cold chain logistics is growing


Cold chain refers to certain food raw materials, processed foods or semi-finished products, special biological products and medicines. After the acquisition, processing, and inactivation, they are processed, stored, transported, distributed, retailed, and used. Each link is always in the special low-temperature environment necessary for the product to reduce losses, prevent pollution and deterioration, and to ensure the product's food safety, bio-safety, and drug safety special supply chain system. A complete cold chain contains the four stages of product processing, storage, transportation, and sales. As the living standards of residents in China increase, the demand for cold chain foods has greatly increased, and the prospects for the development of cold chain industry in the future will be promising.

The cold chain industry involves a variety of cold-chain equipment terminals, which are typically used in supermarkets, shopping malls, and convenience stores. They have special requirements for lighting lamps. Its role is not only lighting, but also has a decorative function, through the lighting to increase the illuminance, it appears that the refrigerated cold and fresh products in the freezer are very clean, increase the customer's desire to purchase, to attract customers to buy more products, increase sales.

In addition, refrigerated lighting also has a heat demand for lighting fixtures. The refrigeration/freezing environment requires that the heat output of the lamps is not too high. Traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and other products have a high heat output and will increase the power for air compressor refrigeration. It is easy to blow up and damage, and its service life is short. Is not suitable for use in this environment. At the same time, if the lamps blow up, the pollutants leaked from the interior of the lamps will cause pollution to the food and cause food safety hazards. Therefore, LED lighting has become a more appropriate choice.

According to the statistics of OFweek Industrial Research Institute, the global market for commercial refrigerator/freezer display cabinets will have a capacity of nearly 16 million units in 2017, and it is estimated that by 2022, there will be 19.7 million units of global commercial refrigerator/freezer display cabinets. For China, the main favorable factors for the cold chain industry are: the promotion of national policies, urbanization, people’s demands for food safety, and changes in the consumption structure. Under these favorable factors, the future development of the food cold chain logistics industry can be In the meantime, at the same time, commercial refrigerators are expected to develop rapidly in collaboration with the cold chain logistics industry. It is expected that the market for commercial refrigerators in China will maintain double-digit growth in the future.

However, from the current application market, refrigeration/freezer lighting or traditional lighting (such as fluorescent lamps) accounted for a large proportion, LED penetration is actually not high, OFweek industry analysts believe that LED lighting for its high luminous efficiency, energy saving With the advantages of environmental protection, longevity, and high color rendering, the future will be the ideal product to replace fluorescent tubes. LED lighting has a low penetration rate of illumination, and besides being influenced by price factors, there are also factors of user cognition. Users generally think that as long as the effect of lighting can be achieved, no more factors are taken into consideration.

According to statistics of OFweek Industry Research Institute, in 2017, the sales revenue of the global LED refrigeration cabinet lighting market was approximately 520 million U.S. dollars, of which, China’s revenue exceeded US$100 million, accounting for approximately 20% of the world’s total. According to OFweek's industry analysts, compared to other LED lighting subdivisions, although the overall market capacity of LED refrigerators is still small, it is believed that in the future, the LED penetration rate of refrigerators will continue to increase, while at the same time relying on the cold chain logistics industry ( The annual compound growth rate is close to 20%. The rapid development of Dongfeng will continue to grow its market capacity.

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