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Bluebox Optics Launches New LED Module Light Source


According to reports, Bluebox Optics, the UK's private company for scientific test and measurement equipment, recently introduced a new flagship product - a niji-module LED light source for fluorescence microscopy. The system has up to 7 LED channels, providing powerful multi-wavelength excitation, including UV and far-red emission.

With this niji light source, users only need one LED to operate normally. Then, up to six additional LEDs can be added through the modular host to increase the excitation center wavelength, excitation band, and output power options when needed.

Niji light source can provide optional LED drive mode with constant optical power and constant current. These modes allow fast imaging and long-term high excitation power stability. In addition, users can control wavelength, power, and transmit channels individually or simultaneously.

According to Bluebox Optics, niji is fully compatible with most standard microscopes, MicroManager, MicroManager 2 and various other software packages.

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