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Korean LED patents have grown substantially


In the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the "ice screen" was "hot", and the attention of the transparent display increased sharply. Not only domestic LED display manufacturers have invested a lot of energy in transparent products, including global display giant LG announced in the second quarter of this year that it will launch new transparent display products, including transparent OLED displays and flexible LED display films. At the same time, we also noticed that South Korea has begun to increase the "patent layout" in the transparent screen.

As a new generation of display technology, the market potential of transparent displays is unlimited. The Korean Patent Office stated that in the display device, the patent application related to the "transparent display" displaying information on the transparent glass has recently shown a substantial increase. In particular, the number of patent applications filed in the last three years (2015-2017) has increased by 2.3 times from the previous three years (2012-2014), from 72 to 162.

As we all know, since 2017, transparent LED display products have begun to become popular in the “big screen” market in the outdoor field, driven by market trends in light, thin, transparent, aesthetically oriented trends and government policies, such as shopping malls. High-end venues such as commercial buildings, automobile 4S shops, and science and technology museums have begun to use glass curtain wall LED display products in large areas.

The market prospect of LED transparency is very impressive. According to relevant data, the market value of the market transparently displayed by 2025 is about 87.2 billion US dollars. As the industry has said: "Transparent LEDs can be used in a variety of fields, and the technology is very widely used, which will greatly contribute to the development of the industry."

At present, whether it is the LED display products in the traditional field or the products in the emerging segment, the domestic LED display industry is in a leading position in technology and market. However, the "patent" aspect has always been the weak aspect of China's LED display industry. South Korea's preemptive layout in this regard, for the Chinese LED transparent industry, the future competition in the international market is bound to be a major competitive disadvantage.

As the head of the Korea Patent Office's display review team said: “In order to be able to take the lead in achieving transparent display technology and ensuring market competitiveness, Korean manufacturers need to first obtain patents on core technologies related to identification and optical transparency, and ensure that they are in this field. Leading."

Not only that, but the patented technology of transparent display in Korea is also very targeted. From the trend of major technology types, 71 (25.4%) of the patents related to identification were the most popular, followed by 48 (17.1%) related patents for light transmittance enhancement and 45 (16.1%) related to transparency adjustment. 31 related patents for panel manufacturing (11.1%). These are the main components of the display product hardware facilities.

In summary, domestic display manufacturers want to deal with South Korea's patent layout in the field of transparent display, in addition to the same pace of patents, more importantly, product enhancement. In the era of intelligent display, in addition to being light, thin and transparent, LED transparent screens are becoming more and more intelligent in terms of installation and operation, especially the superposition of precise advertising push, human screen interaction, VR and other technologies. The application range of LED displays has been further expanded.

Recently, the domestic transparent LED display has taken the lead in breaking the barriers applied in the outdoor curtain wall fixing market, boldly innovating in various market segments, and creating a new era of transparent LED display market. Especially in the field of digital dance beauty, it has won wide acclaim in the market. I believe that with the improvement of domestic industry in terms of technology, patents and market, China's LED transparent screen industry will have strong competitiveness in the international market. .

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