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LED transparent screen captures the market with new advantages


In recent years, with the expansion of the market demand for LED display industry and the widening of application fields, LED display products have shown a diversified development trend. LED transparent screen, as a rising star in the LED display industry, with its thin and light, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability, etc., in the field of glass curtain wall, stage dance beauty display, outdoor advertising and new retail, such as fish and water It is entering our field of vision with an eye-catching attitude. According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the market value of led transparent display will be about 87.2 billion US dollars by 2025. LED transparent screen with its new application form, leading technology development and design concept close to the public demand makes it rise rapidly in a short time, and a new blue ocean market has emerged.

New advantages of LED transparent screen Subversion of traditional display

Outdoor advertising has always been the most important market for LED displays. However, in recent years, with the light pollution problem of LED outdoor advertising screens gradually increasing, and the safety of LED display structure has also attracted users' attention, the relevant institutions have stricter stricter on the technical standards and installation approval of LED outdoor display. Conventional LED outdoor advertising screen can play the role of lighting the city and releasing information when working. However, due to its steel structure, when the LED display is not used, it stands in the middle and is incompatible with the surrounding environment, which greatly affects the city. Beautiful. The LED transparent screen, by virtue of its high transparency, invisible installation and high brightness display, just makes up for the defects of the conventional LED display in this respect, and eliminates the urban aesthetic problem to the utmost extent. In the application process, the LED transparent screen is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall, and it will not affect the surrounding environment when it is not working during the day. At the same time, because it adopts a new form of indoor advertising outdoor communication, it has circumvented the approval of outdoor advertising.

In addition, with the acceleration of urban construction, the high-end atmospheric building materials of the glass curtain wall have gradually become popular. The LED transparent display has a high degree of transparency, which is sufficient to ensure the brightness requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between the floors and the glass facade, and at the same time, the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall is ensured. Moreover, the LED transparent display screen body is light in weight, and does not need to change the structure of the building, and can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without occupying space. In high-end applications, such as the installation of glass curtain wall in the 4S shop, the LED transparent screen can not only achieve the best transparency of the glass, but also ensure that the interior decoration design is not affected. In the case of limited glass area, the maximum screen resolution is achieved, and the transparency of the glass curtain wall is ensured. Whether viewed indoors or outdoors, it can be seen at a glance, making the high-end atmosphere more advanced. Technology breath. According to statistics, the total area of China's modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas. Such a huge glass curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising.

Therefore, in recent years, more and more businesses prefer to use LED transparent screens to decorate glass curtain wall buildings, especially in large shopping centers and technology-based enterprises. In terms of Shangxian, fashion brands and high-end products also like to use LED transparent screen to set off the brand and product style. When playing promotional content, background transparency can not only increase the sense of science and technology, but also highlight the product itself, making high-end brands such as automobiles, fashion apparel and jewelry more popular with transparent screens. The LED transparent screen is applied to the glass curtain wall without any sense of disobedience. It is also because of its fashion, beautiful appearance, modern and technological atmosphere, which adds a special beauty to the urban architecture. Therefore, the LED transparent screen has won the unanimous approval of everyone in the market, and has received extensive attention and enthusiasm.

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