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MiniLED enters the taillight application, bare crystal reliability becomes the biggest challenge


In recent years, the LED general lighting market has been stifling fiercely. Taiwanese factories are actively developing new niche markets, hoping to counter the price competition with technological strength.

Among them, the gradual development of miniaturization is an important trend. Miniaturized MiniLED/MicroLED can not only be applied in display technology, but also in the field of intelligent lighting.

Previously, many car manufacturers used OLED lighting in their lamps. However, due to the high temperature and high humidity in the interior environment, the reliability of OLED lamps was challenged. In view of this, there are currently depots investing in resource development, trying to introduce MiniLED/MicroLED into the application of the lamp, hoping to achieve higher reliability than the OLED lamp by its inorganic material characteristics, but miniaturization The LED die-packaging process is different from traditional LEDs. How to improve reliability is still a challenge.

Huang Bingkai, manager of the accumulation technology micro-light-emitting diode business unit, said that large-scale automakers have started to bet resources, trying to introduce MiniLED/MicroLED into the lights, and will start importing with the taillights.

At present, LED bulbs used in traditional lighting are relatively well-packaged, so they are highly reliable in the face of possible high temperature and high humidity environments. However, because the package size is difficult to shrink, MiniLED/MicroLED uses black glue instead of traditional packaging process. It relies on the protection of UV, high temperature, waterproof and so on. After that, we must rethink how to pass black. The glue is fixed. Therefore, in the process of introducing MiniLED/MicroLED into the illumination of the lamp, the reliability of the bare crystal and the development of the material fixed by the black glue will be the main subject.

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